(This is my continuing blog on getting ready for my Missinaibi River trip, which starts next week)

On any trip, your choice of a book is critical. Nothing beats a good read by the campfire, after the dishes are done and the journal’s written. A lot of my favourite books are smeared with bug guts and still smell faintly of muskol.

As I get ready for our Missinaibi trip next week, I once again find myself see-sawing between taking an old favourite or risking a new read. The Sigurd Olson, Grey Owl and Jack London stand-bys are all stacked next to the camping gear. But sometimes it’s fun to read something completely foreign to the environment through which you’re travelling – a book about desert travel when you’re in the forests of Malawi, a bio of Genghis Khan when you’re trekking in Nepal, a book about Newfoundland when you’re pretty much anywhere but Newfoundland. You get the picture.

So my search for the perfect river read continues. If anyone’s got a suggestion for something new, under-appreciated or altogether weird and wonderful, I’m all ears.

Meanwhile, I’ve got packing to do. More on that tomorrow.