Janine, Machusky and Jason at the Skyline Trailhead back in the old days…

We’ve left Toronto and have started the vacation that will eventually land us in Jasper and at the trailhead of the Skyline.  Vancouver today for a visit with Kathleen’s great grandmother, then off to Edmonton to see Janine’s family and finally Jasper for a week of relaxation and hiking.

Fundraising for the I Walk the Skyline hike is going very well, thanks especially to my ever-generous, constantly-forbearing colleagues at the office. Once I add on the contributions of my ever-generous, constantly put upon family and friends, I’m hopeful I’ll hit my goal.

I thought today I’d tell you about my last hike on the Skyline. Like I said in my first post, it was done back in 2007 with my wife and younger brother, the scene-stealing Matt, or as he’s known to us, his adopted family, Machusky Ballsnokov. Read on here