This is my continuing blog about preparing for a one-day, 45km walk of Jasper National Park’s Skyline Trail on June 30 to raise money for the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

What’s your idea of nature? Kayaking along an isolated west coast shoreline? Hiking a remote mountain pass? Maybe you’re not in your picture of nature at all and for you it means a solitary grizzly roaming a high alpine meadow, an unfathomably-large caribou herd trotting across the endless tundra of the far north, or, to quote Gordon Lightfoot “the green dark forest… too silent to be real.” Maybe for you, nature is your cabin on the perfect lake or teaching your little girl how to fly fish.

Whatever your idea of nature is, there’s a pretty good chance that CPAWS is out there involved in the fight to protect it. Just take a cursory look at 5 or 6 of the more recent matters in their news file:

–  securing Parliamentary approval for establishing Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site in British Columbia;

– lobbying for protection of Alberta’s threatened grizzly bear population;

– working across Canada to protect our Boreal forests’ lands, waters and wildlife;

– lobbying for effective policies to combat climate change;

Logging in Algonquin, endangered B.C. badgers, parks in Labrador – these guys are everywhere!

Worth a little walk in the woods, no?


Trailside Flowers near the Snowbowl Pass on the Skyline Trail (photo by Janine Murphy)