Hey, I’m no super hero (although my 4 month old daughter thinks I’m pretty cool when I snap and whistle at the same time). Still, I would be pretty pleased with myself if I finished a walk of the Skyline trail in one day with my body still 40% functional.

At least I would have been pleased until I saw this video of Lisa Porter and her friends running the whole trail.

Running. Is that even allowed?

I won’t even bring up the nice gentleman who wrote me earlier today to advise he hiked the whole thing a few years back, when he was a “spry young man of 55”. 

At this rate, I fully expect to come across footage of someone doing the trail blindfolded on a unicycle.

Well, on the bright side, this is pretty inspiring stuff. Their impressive accomplishments make mine seem very doable.  Way to go Lisa and Old Man and Unicyclist Guy (who is very likely out there)!